Blood Libel – Exposing Fake Moderate Islamist Michael Ghouse

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By Freedom Outpost

Laura Ingraham filled in for Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly recently. In one of the segments, she had on Islamic apologist and fake moderate Michael Ghouse on to discuss Muslim outrage over an FBI wanted poster that depicted the world’s most wanted terrorists. Muslims were angry because the terrorists were all Muslim – as if it’s the FBI’s fault that the world’s most wanted terrorists are Muslim.

In defending this Muslim outrage over the truth being told about jihad terrorists, Ghouse blamed … me. Talk about a random and insane segue. Laura Ingraham let Mike Ghouse slander me by blaming me for the death of a person who was killed by a deranged woman, Erika Menendez, in the New York subway system several months ago. Ingraham let this outrageous calumny stand unchallenged. I find this appalling and inexcusable, and am unwilling to acquiesce silently to being blamed for a murder with which neither I nor my work had anything to do.

First off, my ads were not even up in the subway when the murder Ghouse was referring to happened. It had been months since any of my ads had been up. And even if they had been, how does that make me responsible? This murderess stated most emphatically what her motive was: the jihad terror attack of Sept. 11, 2001, that killed 3,000 Americans. She never mentioned my ads, of course. So why aren’t Ghouse and his fellow Islamic supremacists blaming jihad? Al-Qaida? There have been over 21,000 deadly Islamic attacks since 9/11, each one with the imprimatur of a Muslim cleric, each one citing the Quran and Hadith. Why don’t they ever make that very real connection? Apparently, they share al-Qaida’s ideology and goals, and they are trying to use this senseless murder to silence critics of genocide, ethnic cleansing and anti-humanism.

Secondly, the subway murder was a copycat killing of a previous subway shove murder by a devout Muslim who went to mosque every day. This deranged woman also said that she had been beating people up since that day. A retired battalion chief for the New York City Fire Department recounted not long after the subway murder that Erika Menendez had attacked him outside his home back in 2003. During that attack, Menendez was raving not about 9/11, but about other things – and the firefighter was not a Muslim. Clearly Menendez is simply insane, not driven by “Islamophobia.”

In the interests of journalistic fairness, I asked that Bill O’Reilly allow me to rebut Ghouse’s slander at the earliest opportunity. I contacted his producer and Laura Ingraham. Yet despite my requests for rebuttal time or even an on-air correction, O’Reilly and Ingraham let Ghouse’s slander stand.

These Lies Must Be Challenged, For That Is How Public Opinion Is Made.

And so as it happened, I was invited to be on the “Hannity” show Monday evening to discuss the catastrophic consequences in Egypt of Obama’s anti-freedom foreign policy. We also discussed the ridiculous banning of my colleague Robert Spencer and me from entering Great Britain (support our fight here). And lo and behold, my poorly equipped debating partner was none other than Michael Ghouse.

Ghouse said of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi: “I would not call him Islamic. He’s an extremist bad guy. What has Islam got to do with it?” (Tina Turner he’s not.) Ghouse and his fellow “moderates” know that Islam has everything to do with it. Morsi imposed a Shariah constitution on Egypt. The objective of the Muslim Brotherhood is to install a caliphate and impose Shariah all over the world. Isn’t Ghouse afraid that lightning will strike him right in his chair when he tells such incredible whoppers?

I also took the opportunity to call him out on his blood libel against me on O’Reilly.

Ghouse at first denied that he had accused me of murder, saying: “I’m not accusing her.” But then he contradicted himself: “Her posters cause danger to the people traveling in subway trains, and, in fact, there was a guy who got killed for mistaken identity.”

So I asked him: “My ads said, ‘in any war between the civilized man and the savage, you support the civilized man. Defeat jihad. Support Israel.’ Are you supporting jihad? Is that what you’re saying?”

Ghouse responded: “I’m not supporting jihad.” Ha! Then he said: “You owe an apology to the people who you are hurting and saying bad things about it.”

To that I said: “You’re saying the truth hurts people. Don’t you see how irrational your logic is? How dare you accuse me of murder!”

But this is what the left and the Islamic supremacists do: They relentless demonize their foes, trying to destroy them and clear away all obstacles to the jihad’s advance. That’s their goal. Jihadists can kill thousands in the cause of Islam and the media, the left and political elites are OK with that – but some nut does something nuts and I am responsible? That’s the war we are in.

The fact is that Ghouse said he didn’t support jihad. If that’s true, then he and all “moderates” would be standing with us and supporting our ads in defense of freedom.

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