Bleak future of Israel, Palestine, Syria and Iraq

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It is human
desire to create societies inhabited by normal people with an allowance for
anomalies. I am worried about the people of Israel, Palestine, Iraq. Can they look forward
to living a normal life?

The Islamic State is bent on killing anyone who differs, Hamas is teaching
hatred towards Israelis, and have resorted to express their frustration in
violence. Israeli kids are rejoicing the death of Palestinians and their men
are justifying killing, ministers want to kill every Palestinian, and there is
no sign of sanity.

Where are the majority of moderate Muslims and moderate Jews?  Their future is ruined by Netanyahu, Abu
Mashaal and Al-Baghdadi; we may have psychos in the future who cherish death
and destruction, revenge and justification.

 Shame on the US Administration, Senate
and Congress to approve the violence, rather than work on dialogue and solutions.
Hate is not good for any one. This is my protest against violence. 


Mike Ghouse 

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