Birth 2012 Global Celebration

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When I woke up on Saturday, the morning of 12/22/12, I found myself to be alive,
and everything around me to continued to exist. 12/12/12 came and gone, so was
12/21/21. Of course, I have not subscribed to these theories of the world
coming to an end, but it amazes me how many really believed in it and had even
stocked up food. 

This event, the “Birth 2012” was to shift the consciousness to
a new freshness devoid of the end of world scenarios. It was a healing event
for those who believed in Armageddon and needed a crutch to transform.
Petra Weldes and Monica Blossom called in to join in for an evening of embodied
ritual, song, dance and prayer at the Center for Spiritual Living.   

There is something in me that wants to be a part of the whole
universe, and to be a part of all its bits and pieces. So, I joined the
group to be part of this part at the Center for spiritual living. The
lights were dimmed, and a circle was created with candles in the midst.
Started with Meditative Music, dancing to the rhythmic music in four
directions, yogic meditation… and in that environment of open
heartedness, all of us gathered back in a circle and shared each one’s
poem, story, and the feelings… it was a transformative evening.

When we fall the barriers between us and others, and learn to respect
the otherness of others, we feel home, we feel in tune with the island
we form, and intimately become a participative part of the whole
universe with humility.  It was indeed  a good feeling to feel home
every moment of the day and in every place.

I pray that, each of us finds an opportunity to participate in events
where we can shed this year, particularly those going through difficult
times, but all of us to move on with life with a new consciousness.  We
can form our own circle with one, two or three of our friends, quietly
meditating and reflecting and sharing about life, if nothing else, we
can do it ourselves in solitude and the quietness of our own place.

Ultimately, each of us is  responsible for our happiness and
happiness is a choice without tying it to things, monies and others.

May we find peace within ourselves, we are merely a strand in this
world wide web, but are important for the web to function effectively.

Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and a writer committed to build cohesive societies, where no one has to feel apprehensive, uncomfortable or fear the other human. The site indexes all of Mike’s work.

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