Balance in life, how do you achieve it

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Imagine walking on a tight rope between two points; you have to have a perfect balance to walk through it comfortably to complete the walk. Life is no different, every day we dodge the conversations, go head on collisions with with fellow workers, fight back with spouse, scream at friends, apologize, forgive, regret or repent..… with an unexpressed goal to remain secure and in balance.

At times, our acts and words throw us further out instead of bringing the balance. If you go through this exercise, and add to it your own questions and answer it… you will find in full control of yourselves. please feel free to share it, you might help others benefit, or more than likely you may find an answer.

Losing Material balance:

If your dining table loses one of its 4 legs
If one of the tires in your car has low air pressure
if you carry 100 # bag on one side and 10 # on the other
If you….

Losing mental balance

When we text while drive
When we get angry
When we are sad or vulnerable
When we are drunk
When we forget to say thanks to a friend
When we choose to hold the grudges

Losing spiritual balance

When you got too many things going at one time
When confusion enters your mind
When you don’t know yourselves
When you lie to some one
When you betray the trust with some one
When you break an agreement
When you bad mouth others

How do you gain the balance back?

Call back the person you failed to say thanks
Just don’t drink and drive
Fill the tires back up
Never lie – if you do, figure it out to offset
Some are easy, some are not, and that is life.
It is you choice if you want to have that balance or not.

This is the simplistic formula for simple issues; the tough items of life are no different. There is no reason for any one to have the balance in life.

You cannot achieve balance in everything, but the more things you balance in your life, the happier you would be.

If you have a group, we can carry a interactive workshop in achieving balance in life.


Mike Ghouse is a life coach. He will motivate, educate and entertain your group in creating a cohesive environment to work, socialize and function effectively. He offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day . Details at  

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