Argument on Prophet Muhammad’s birth celebrations

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Here is a short face off about Milad.  A man walked up to me and questioned who designed the flier about Milad Mubarak? He knew it was me, but he was confrontational, and I wasn’t going to fall in that trap, instead I listened.

Him: You know it is bidda, an invention.
Me: Just listening (but wondered, how deeply programmed some of my fellow Muslims are, they are so quick to use the word ‘Bidda”, just as a toddler is eager to use a word he or she learns for the first time, is that the limitation of their vocabulary?)
Him: Why are they doing this?

Me: Do you like the Prophet?

Him: What do you mean, I love him.
Me: Really? Do you believe Prophet was a blessing to Mankind, in fact the whole universe?
Him:  Of course, God in Quran says that, he is Rahmatul Aalameen.
Me: Do you think others know about this?
Him: We have to tell them?

Me: How would you do that?
Him: Talk about him..

Me: Would you like to talk about his deeds to hundreds of people?
Him: Yeah, of course
Me: Do you know what Christmas is about?
Him: Bidda

Me: Was Prophet a Mercy to mankind?
Him: What do you mean?
Me: Did he want to have peace with Christians
Him: Naoozu billah, Of course,  he was Rahmatul Aalameen

Me:  Come to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, it is appreciating their work on the birthday.
Him:  Prophet did not celebrate the birthday, why should we?

Me: Prophet did not travel in the airplane, nor did he use the computers. He did not eat Biryani or drove a fancy car or lived in an Air-conditioned house, but he said one of the most profound things – a good deed is something you do to benefit humanity, knowing full well that you are not the beneficiary. He said, it is like planting a tree knowing well that by the time it grows to give fruit and shade, you are not the beneficiary, someone else in the Aalameen (Universe) is.

Me:  that is the description of the prophet, isn’t it? Shouldn’t we appreciate him?
Him: Yeah, but…. its is B…..
3. The 1444th Birth Celebration of Prophet Muhammad –    

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