Are Your Charitable Contributions Charitable?

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You probably have received dozens of requests for donations this month, and most of them are genuinely charitable causes uplifting folks who are down and relieving the needs of indigent, uninsured, jobless, orphaned, abused, disadvantaged, depressed or helpless fellow beings and animals.

Every religion has emphasized the need to give to insure the spiritual balance of the haves with the have-nots. Thanks to the IRS, such donations are tax deductible, encouraging charity and stretching the value of your giving.

However, there are a few organizations that cannot be called charitable in any sense of the word, although they have secured the tax deductible status 501(c)3 from IRS. These organizations are using your funds to aggressively pitch one American against the other, and that is not an act of charity.

They know fear sells and they also know that when people are frightened they are vulnerable and are eager to accept any one as their savior.

Their tactic is simple: find mole hills, make mountains of out of them and cash in the fears. They highlight the statistically insignificant news items and at the end of each such note, they invariably ask you to open your checkbook. They will frighten the day lights out of you with phrases like “imminent danger,” “they will destroy America,” “if we don’t stop them now” and a whole lot more that you may have already read but did not question.

They want you to believe that they are your saviors and shamefully many an American write them the checks. Why do you want to give to some one who wants to continue to excite you with hatred or fear of the other?

If these organizations spend their time in building bridges to mitigate conflicts and nurture good will, your donation is worth it and that would be charity. Ask them, if they are mitigating the conflict or aggravating it. As a society, we need to look into all those organizations that are working to pitch ill-will and hatred between any two groups of Americans and possibly strip them of their status. I am hoping to write the bill and present it to the congress.

A Chinese proverb suggests, “If you want to get rid of your enemy for good, make him your friend, then enemy no more.” Mother Teresa said, “If you want to make peace, go talk with your enemies, you don’t talk with your friends to make peace.” To that I add: “You will not be safe if you are threatening others, and your safety hinges on the safety of others around you.” The idea applies not only to individuals but the nations as well.

What could be the litmus test to determine which organization is worth donating to? Read their appeal; it is a dead give away.

If it generates fear of the future instead of hope; it is to protect “their” group against the manufactured enemy; it is to protect the American way of life (really?); it is to out-do their perceived enemy.

Let your dollars be invested in organizations that are determined to build bridges and not aggravate conflicts. Please donate to those organizations that are working to build bridges for a safe America and safe world for every one, not just them. Let your investment be made where peace is the result instead of conflict mongering. We all need to live safely and peacefully and let us become contributors a safe America by donating to the right organizations.

Let your donation do some good to the humanity.

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