Are you Oppressive or Conservative?

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When the Republican candidates thump their chest and say it aloud, I am a conservative, what do they mean? Are they confused between the words “oppressive” and “conservative” particularly when it is applied to LGBT issues?

Do they feel any sense of remorse when they reject the marriage between the consenting free willed adults?  What does liberty mean to them? 

Do they rejoice what Uganda is doing to its LGBT population? By the way Michelle Bachmann you may not be aware of the situation there, and if you are, I want to assure you it is not a “Moslem” country?

I can claim to be conservative if it means I mind my own business, respect the others as I want to be respected, believe in liberty and personal freedom of individuals, believe that government should not butt in people’s personal lives, that people should have the freedom to eat, sleep, wear and believe what they want, as long as those beliefs are not dangerous to the security of America or their personal life.

On the other hand if I were to believe in interfering in other people’s life, and want to regulate who can marry whom, I would consider that to be an oppressive value.  This is something all religious people need to think about. Do they want to Play God or mind their own faith? It is time for the Republicans to re-examine the words Justice, liberty, conservative and oppressive. Who will take the lead paves his or her own way to true leadership to bring Americans together.

Mike Ghouse is a moderate Republican committed to a cohesive America and a frequent guest on Hannity show and other nationally syndicated radio shows. He is a speaker, thinker and a writer on Pluralism in politics and religion, Islam, interfaith, peace and cohesive societies. His work is indexed at and daily blog is at

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