Appreciation Dinner for my poetry friends in Urdu and Hindi language

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Appreciation Luncheon and Dinner for Poetry friends

Click the pictures to see large version.

An open heart surgery was scheduled for me on 11/12/13 –
that did not happen, thanks to my friends Dr. Harbans Lal and Dr. Amer Suleman
who encouraged and facilitated an alternative; a balloon and the stent. I was
in and out and Dr. Taysir Jarrah was incredibly efficient, and I did not even
feel that something was done to me. Last Friday, I had my check up and Dr.
Taysir Jarrah said all looks to be fine, I am breathing better, lungs are
taking full air, and the EKG showed even heart beat.

I had luncheons to appreciate the friends who have been
good to me all these years and then a dinner to appreciate my friends from the
poetry circles. I have written enough about it, and now the pictures. 

Thanks to Zia Khan my friend for taking and sharing these pictures. I am
posting the pictures I have recieved, I know several more pictures are
missing. If any one has pictures other than these, please share.

The dinner turned out to be a good poetry session. Here are the pictures from
Dinner and I appreciate each one of the poet for sharing their poetry.  Attached below is a write up by Saeed Qureshi Saheb.

Click the pictures to see large version. 
thanks to friends

 D. D. Maini


 Yasmeen and Mike Ghouse

 Mike Ghouse

 Javed Rashid

 Dr. Shamsa Qureshi

 Dr. Hyder

 Shah Alam Siddiqi

 Masood Qazi

 Muhammad Ali

 Dr. Kundawala

 Aditya Singh

 Zohra Chisti

 Maliha Durrani

 Mike Ghouse

 Anand Punjabi

 Noor Amrohvi

 Surinder Mittal

 Samina Ali

Younuz Ijaz

 Dr. Harbans Lal

Dr. Amer Suleman

 Group Picture taken as an after thought.

you, please mark your Calendar for Saturday, March 29, 2014 for another
Mushaera/ Sammelan on Pluralism theme. The details are above on the
right hand side column.  This website is  
Saeed Qureshi Saheb writes this:

Appreciation Dinner for Poetry Friends

by Saeed Qureshi

This was the logo of the dinner-cum Mushaira
hosted by famous humanist Jinab Mike Ghouse on the evening of November 6
instant at the Funasia Asia cultural center. He had invited a select circle of
his friends and well-wishers to this very enjoyable and culturally rich
assemblage. This was the second Mushaira hosted by Mike Sahib. It was blazoned
with such illustrious themes as pluralism, humanism and unity in diversity. The
third Mushaira in the row is due in March next as was also announced this

The proceedings lasted till midnight and came
to a close on the group photo session. A sumptuous dinner was served before the
start of the much waited Mushaira. The menu of dinner among other delicious
items had an additional dish that we call “curry” in our Urdu or Hindi diction.
It was very deliciously and diligently cooked. It was the most sought-after
item of that splendid and enjoyable evening. 

among poets who turned out to attend this unique evening were Yunus Ijaz, Shah
Alam, Qazi Masood, Saeed Qureshi, Zohra Chishti, Dr Shamsa, Mrs. Nadir Durrani,
Dr. Amir Suleman, Javed Rashid, Noor Amrohvi, Mr. S.K.Mittal and D.D. Maini. A
local famous female poetess Naheed Shah was incidentally in Pakistan so his
husband Mr. Ali read some the verses from her poetry. Zahid Akhtar Khanzada, a
prominent journalist was also present on this auspicious occasion.

was no ascending or descending order as is usually followed in the traditional
Mushairas. According to that order, the poets are called to the podium by
virtue of their seniority or fame in poetry. So such order starts from the
junior most and ends at the senior most. But delightfully this strait jacket
was set aside and that was the most alluring hallmark of this also a very
enchanting Mushaira. 

poetry presentation there was a joke and tidbits’ session that injected a
jovial, buoyant and rather piquant feature into the already vibrant environment
of this pleasant company. Dr. Harbans Lal’s joke was outstanding and unleashed
a roar of laughter among the audience.

I would mention the salient points of the
speech of the host Mr. Mike Ghouse in which he thanked the guests for coming
all the way to attend this function. He spoke at length describing the ordeals
through which he had gone as a result of a sudden heart attack last July. He
thanked Dr. Suleman for a timely arrangement for the surgery that was
instrumental in saving his life. His next bypass surgery is schedule in
November next year. The speakers one after another, complimented Mr. Mike for a
new lease of life and prayed and hoped that like many survivors of heart
attack, he would also live longer for many years.

Let me add that Mr. Mike Ghouse is a reputed
and celebrated participant in TV talk shows and a popular speaker in religious
and social congregations and conventions from time to time. He is an embodiment
of civility and humility and is soft spoken. His profile as given in his blogs
is quite impressive and I have the honor to reproduce a part of that hereunder.

“Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker
and a writer on pluralismpolitics,
peace, IslamIsraelIndiainterfaith,
and cohesion at work and social settings. He is committed to building a Cohesive
 and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day
at Mike
has a strong presence on national and local TV, Radio and Print Media. He is a
frequent guest on Sean Hannity show on Fox TV, and a
commentator on national radio networks, he contributes weekly to the Texas
Faith Column at Dallas Morning News, fortnightly at Huffington
 and several other periodicals across the world. His
personal site indexes
everything you want to know about him.”

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