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I was in Brooke Stone store in Charlotte, desperately searching for of a battery operated mini-speaker to address gatherings in open fields like the one we did on the steps of Lincoln Memorial. The sales person could not explain the item…. An angel James ‘Barue’ Wilson flies right in and explains the product. By the way, he is a flight Attendant with American and knew everything you wanted to know about the product, he had just bought it… he spent a good 15 minutes showing me how to use the product. I bought the system and it is called the big blue party speaker. Good people are all around you. Thank you Barue’ I am posting this on my Face book as well
At the Sports Authority, the manager walks over to help me, and he is Robert in the Alexandria Store. He understood what I was looking for; a battery operated speaker system as there is no electricity to hook up at Lincoln Memorial event the next day. He called 5 stores in Tyson Corner, Rockville and other places for such system as well as the mega phone… That is an outstanding customer service; we did not find the product, but his willingness to help makes me shop there first. Good job Robert.
On the steps of the Lincoln center appear two angels, I was the first one waving the flag and then these two young men walk up and offered to help. They held the banner from nearly 1 hour 30 minutes, and don’t know how many people at Lincoln center came and took pictures with the Banner.
How do you thank them all? My way of thanking them is spend time and write a note about them. We have to encourage what is good!
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