Americas voice Dr. Mike Ghouse with David Brody

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After a three-year gap, I am back on national TV and excited to join America’s voice as a commentator. America’s Voice is a new conservative TV show that will compete with Fox News; they have all it what it takes to be successful, a good team, and the right direction. I am committed to offering pluralistic solutions to the media and policymakers on the day’s issues.

As a moderate and politically independent, I have reached out to both conservatives and progressives on most issues. Indeed, every national policy should factor in a wide variety of views from fellow Americans to feel included. When more people participate in a decision, they own it, and it becomes sustainable.

Mother Teresa’s wisdom drives me; to paraphrase her, if you want to make peace with people who differ with you, she says, talk with them. It has more than 0% of chances to bring peace and harmony. If you dig in your heels, so will they, and you have no options to restore balance.

In the long run, I hope to have my show called “Americans Together.” it will bring every American on the show from Atheists to Zoroastrian and everyone in between, including LGBTQ and Native American Communities. No one will be excluded from my presentation. It is a replication of the work done at the Center for Pluralism. After the elections.

Here is the clip from my first show with David Brody – I did another one with Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens and will share the link tomorrow.

The statistics are the courtesy of ISPU; we will dwell more on it next week.

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