America’s enduring value; freedom and Hijab.

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America’s enduring value; freedom and Hijab |

One should have the freedom to wear, eat, drink or believe whatever the hell they want, as long as they are not taking anything away from you. 

The Taliban extremists force women to wear the full Burqa, where as the French extremists force the women not to wear.  These brutes do not represent civil society, as both of them want to tell a woman what she wears. Who the hell are they?

Wearing Hijab does not amount to oppression, forcing them not to wear amounts to oppression.  Hijab is a cultural expression,   a woman who is raised wearing full skirts will not be comfortable wearing mini-skirts; many a women are not comfortable showing cleavage, whereas others are comfortable with it. Neither is good or bad, it is what the individual is comfortable with.

Hijab is not a religious requirement, however modesty is. Modesty is not only religious and but the civilized thing to do. The men are first asked to lower their gaze and not look lustily at women, and then women are asked in equal terms to cover their bosoms.

On the other hand, Muslim men are not comfortable wearing shorts, or going shirtless even around their own kids and family members.  Men in other cultures have a range – but very few walk around naked in their homes.

I will stand with Muslim women who want to wear Hijab; it is their choice and will stand against men who force their women to wear the Hijab.

What is your problem? What is your loss? Why do you want to impose your ideas on others? The America I cherish is the America where people mind their own business, and not hell bent on imposing their ideas on others.

Everyone has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  One of the enduring American values is freedom, freedom to choose what one wears, eats, drinks or believes.

One has a right to be a Taliban or French extremists, but being pro-choice respects the God given inalienable rights of individuals.

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