Americans win today

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The security and health of our nation should be our first priority. Defense of the nation and health of Americans go hand in hand.

Thank God, the Supreme Court has upheld the
individual health care mandate. Indeed, the Bush appointee Judge Roberts saw
the sense in doing the right thing and tilting the decision in a 5-4 ruling.  An average American wins today.

A few may not see the wisdom in it, but when
they see the big picture, they will eventually admire it. A healthy America is
a productive America and those opposing now will benefit
from higher productivity. America is better off with this decision.

My fellow Republicans sincerely believe, and I do too, that government
should not be in managing health care or messing with people’s life.  However, when they look at the situation
seriously, they have short-changed themselves with mis-information. People are paying for it, and getting their
service. Government ain’t doing it.
Health of the nation is as much of a priority as the Defense of the nation,
one protects from outside invasions, and the other from ill-health, if not
guarded both weaken the nation.

With a strong defense and strong health care, Americans win. It is not a
socialized medicine; it is a responsible investment in human capital with good
returns. It is an investment in a health, that produces more work hours for the
nation… that is what they don’t’ get.

My fellow Republicans need to be in tune with
America, our party has been wrong and short sighted on a few issues. I am a
Moderate Sensible Republican American, and I thank the Supreme Court for
upholding this decision.
To my fellow Americans at large, Democrats,
Libertarian, Green and other party members, GOP is a great party, taken over by
a “handful” of short-sigthed individuals  but  when they see the
light at the end of the tunnel, they will see the good it does to all of us, including them or their family members and friends.  I welcome them to
be in tune with America and Americans.

A majority of us, the Republican Party
members are like you, modest, moderate and want the best for every American and
every human across the globe. Each one of our political, religious, social, racial, ethnic and cultural groups has a share of a few loud
mouths, and we need to deal with them with love and affection, they will come

Mike Ghouse
America first, party next.

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