America is a successful nation

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What’s common to all the successful nations? It’s the rule of law! That’s what makes us a successful nation. In successful countries, each resident feels secure knowing there is equal justice for all. No one is more privileged than the other. The sense of comfort is the biggest Human asset We are blessed with.

If I were to be an Ambassador of the United States, I’ll hold weekly classes for the leaders in host nations to familiarize them with their families, and what it takes to build democratic institutions, and how the 5 freedoms are the basis for such success.

I’ll certainly show them the hearings we just concluded. Kavanaugh hearings, and senate confirmations. I’ll never put one party over the other, as both sides struggle to find the truth, no matter how painful it is. We are a great nation!

God bless America.
Mike Ghouse
Politically independent.

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