America First – Go Obama, and not Romney for stability

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My fellow Republicans, let’s put America first, party

Romney has not matured in his
convictions; he is in the experimentation stage, trying to see which statement
will work. He has two different views, a private view that he shares with the
ones who give him money, and the public view that gives the appearance of
inclusiveness. How deep is either view? God only knows. I don’t know which
Romney I will get at the end. Even the GOP is not sure.

Obama is a sure thing, 
he will  keep everything intact;
he will not turn things upside down. Unemployment is steadily going down; Women
can continue to feel secure, he will not repeal the Equal Pay Act, not repel
equal insurance premiums for men and women, and will not repeal Roe v. Wade,
will not do a flip on “Don’t ask, don’t tell”, and he will keep the
veterans’ benefits intact… and a whole lot more.

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