America the Beautiful – My new job cleaning McDonald’s Toilets

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Yesterday, I drove from Washington DC to Louisville – it should have taken
about 10 hours, but instead it took me 15 hours – Two reasons: 1) The country
is so beautiful and 2) had to stop 8 times at the restrooms.

the beauty of the region… I just could not get over the beautiful mountains all
the way from West Maryland thru W. Virginia and Kentucky – start singing my own
song America, America, America… you are so beautiful – represented by
everything God has created from different races to religions to regions,
seasons, nature and people.  If there is
already a song, I would like to listen, if not I will take classed in writing
poetry and write the song and sing it too… If you have not driven the different
landscapes of America, you have not seen anything.

There is a Punjabi saying –
the one who has not seen Lahore, was not born at all.

thing about 8 stops! I picked up boiled eggs, veggie, fruit trays and
Rotisserie chicken to eat along the way… I don’t know if it was the egg or veggies,
I started having diarrhea. and stopped at every McDonald – usually cleaners
bathrooms, but this time, they were filthy and I did not have a choice to go to
other place – I cleaned them and cleaned back when I left. I don’t know if I
will ever understand why people leave sinks and toilets dirty – they have no
shame at all. So, I cleaned 8 McDonald Toilets.

What I have seen in life, is when people don’t take keep their places clean,
the decline begins. McDonald guys, pay attention to this.

Finally the 2nd Pepto must have worked to stop the diarrhea; things
were under control when I reached Louisville around 1:00 AM


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writer, pluralist,  TV-Radio commentator and a human rights activist committed
to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the
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