Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter movie

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Did you have great time over July 4th? I did, and had time to reflect on what freedom means, as well as experienced it. I had planned on reading about freedom, and how the declaration “all men are created equal” came about and wanted to study President Lincoln. 

Saw the movie, a fiction, but had a few great points in it. That Public good ultimately wins – each one of us is chasing our own demons expressed in the form of bigotry, racism, control…… That was done well, but to give it the color of reality was too much when the news paper prints slaying of 6 demons. Good movie but the producer liked the train scene so much that he gave nearly a major role to the train… than Lincoln.

President Lincoln is one of the few great guys I want to study, to learn and read their biographies. America has one of the most powerful systems of democracy. When Lincoln says, our governance is by the people of the people for the people in his speech, I could not hold my hands from clapping in the theater.

Mike Ghouse


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