A Tribute to Rev. Sun Myung Moon

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I heard the news of Reverend Moon’s ascension, the Muslim in me responded
instantly, “Inna Lillahi O Inna Ilahi-ur rajeeoon” from God we come and to God
we go. Indeed, the divine principle he taught was all about being home with God;
reconnecting with the creator. When Bishop Mark Hernandez conveyed that message
within hours of the ascension of the reverend on Sunday, Dallas (Monday Midnight
in Korea) I sat down and reflected on the work of Reverend Moon and prayed for
his soul.

Moon was prepared and was ready for the journey, a few years ago, I heard him,
and he had already passed the responsibility to his son and the daughter. This
is an enriching experience for me; when my mother took the journey some ten
years ago, she tied all the loose ends of life, and that was one of the most
beautiful lessons of my life. I was able to do the same, with my late wife some
five years ago by tying the loose ends of life for her. She left in
peace like an accomplished person and it was a source of inspiration to me.
have witnessed two people go in peace accomplishing Nirvana, Mukti and
Salvation. And here is another soul, Reverend Sam Myung Moon, who had tied the
loose ends, cleaned his slate on the earth and embarked on the journey of
reuniting with God. The feeling is mixed – one of them is inspirational wanting
my life to come to a conclusion in such a beautiful way. Blessed
are the peacemakers!

Way back in the mid nineties, I took on the mission
of learning and sharing the essence of each religion, it was a fascinating
discovery to see religion from a laypersons point of view, rather Mr.Spock’s
point of view. Every week I shared the essence of each faith with my radio
audience, and I wrote it in the newspaper I published.

to god, out of nowhere, I was receiving emails from a Moon something about the
things I was talking and writing – it was like the divine paving the way for me.
The emails were about each aspect of life and included quotes from different
religions, I was thrilled and was on cloud 9. Then the emails stopped, my saved
up emails on my Macintosh were frozen. I was devastated.

Mark Hernandez heard me on WBAP AM Radio 820 in September 2005, inviting the
public to join us for the Unity Day USA event on September 11, he came, and we
talked. I literally screamed with joy knowing that it was the same Moon, that
Mark was inviting me to meet. A compilation of world scriptures will remain his
legacy to the world. I have met with Reverend and Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon several
times since then and have met three of his sons and the daughter In Jin Moon,
all committed to the mission of their father.

have heard all the myths about the movement, but just want to affirm that in the
seven years I have been associated with the group, they never asked me to
convert, not even a hint. Reverend Moon has done nothing but good for the
humanity and peace.

Reverend Moon’s work for humanity is exemplary; he is
committed to peace between North and South Korea, and Israel and Palestine. He
was also considering enabling the United Nations to understand and resolve the
religious conflicts before they exploded into genocides and

am rededicating the site “Standing up for others” – http://standingupforothers.blogspot.com,

Sun Myung Moon ascended to heaven on Sunday, September 2, 2012. I have written
many articles about his teachings and planning to write a full tribute to his
work after the Unity Day event on September 11,

God bless him. Amen

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