A Tribute To My Brother Shan

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Shan Mohamed Nasir, 5 years younger than me, passed away today, August 11, 2021, around 2:45 PM EST, 12:15 AM Indian time.

He left behind his wife Seema, two daughters Shaista and Afsana, and a grandson, two granddaughters, and of course two sons in law.

Shan was a good architect, he had designed several mosques in Bangalore, and was a practicing Muslim, praying 5 times a day and observing all the requirements.

He was also an incredible painter, he had painted portraits of me and my father on the wall of the room I had lived in Yelahanka, our home, and had painted my son’s picture as well.

He was admitted to the hospital a week ago, his internal organs were not functioning. The doctors had given up on him, and Dr. Hussain told me that he had only 5% chance.

Shan was insisting on going home and passing away in peace with his family around. He was home three days ago, and was conscious on and off. Ghouse his older son in law, and our 3 nephews Tanveer, Ehsan and Tayab along with Seema, Shaista, and Afsana attended gracefully to his needs.

One of the beautiful practices in our family, including my late wife Najma was to clean the slate before they went, they all had the luxury of knowing that they will be gone and sought forgiveness for their shortcomings and forgiving others.

Shan had designed electrical wiring for IBM and other companies if I am not mistaken Microsoft in Hyderabad as well.

In the last four years, we grew closer and talked with each other frequently. We were friends. In the last few days, I talked with him a few times and once with my son Jeff and daughter Mina. He also became close to our sister Dilshad and had visited her on Sunday with sweets, a tradition as we do take flowers here.

He was tall and imposing, once I was in the airport about revising the ticket in Mumbai, he stood behind me like my bodyguard, the ticketing agent was not listening to me, then Shan said “it must be done today and now,” and they did it without arguing.

I have learned from everyone, what I learned from him was pure wisdom. A decade ago, he said look I don’t have a big home like yours, neither do I have a car – but we enjoy our time getting together with families. Come back and live with us. “

Shan was a kind guy and was ready to leave. As a Muslim, he was reciting the Sura Yasin from the Quran, and reciting the Kalima before he passed away.

“Inna lillahi o inna ilaihi ur rajeoon “ that is from God we come and to God we go. God bless his gentle soul and give patience to his family members. Ameen.

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