A tribute to Mansoor Shah

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This tribute was originally posted on [email protected]
on Mon Sep 17, 2012 1:28 pm and a friend of Mansoor Shah, Mustafeez Raja wrote
in my inbox of facebook on 10/02/12 and was concerned that I did not say a
thing or attend his funeral, and it hurt my feelings, because I was the first
one to write a tribute to Mansoor Shah, and post on facebook groups as well.
Mustafeez wrote, “Ty brother, you took a big load off of my chest.. Because Shah
Ji always talked about you with utmost respect.. For the sake of his family and
a peaceful closure please discourage suicide news.. We have a P.I still working
on this case.. God bless” Then I realized I had not posted on my Diary, so here
it is.”

Please note that the moderation on this forum will be off for two days, to allow his friends to post obituaries, tributes and sentiments .
Mansoor and I have had good relationship for over 15 years, he was the president of the PSNT when the unfortunate event happened  on 9/11/2001. I had asked him to do a press release and share it on my radio show, which Rehan Siddiqui had asked me to do for the whole day, getting the civic, community and business leaders to join me on the radio show. To bring coherence to the chaotic day. Mansoor prepared a good press release and delivered it well and he was on the radio with me for another year. He was also one of the sponsors of  a Unity day few years ago.
When my late wife Najma ran for the City council in Carrollton  Mansoor was the first one to send a check for the campaign,something I cannot forget. 
When we organized the Zindagi Trust’s first fund raiser, there was a misunderstanding developed  between Najma, Dr. Amanualla Khan and him about the leadership role, and I was in the middle of it all. None of us liked it, but all of us carried the ill-will for a few years, then about a month before Najma’s death, I asked Mansoor to come home and meet Najma and that they both need to forgive each other. Thanks to Mansoor, he came,  and both of them cried for the misunderstanding, but they did clear the air and freed each other from it. That was the right thing to do, and I hope we all do that on a regular basis. This information was copied to Dr. Amanuallah Khan and was acknowledged in the email.
Mansoor did not have a barrier between him and others, he was friends with Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Christians and others. We had several exchanges on this and he believed in pluralism.
Well, I do miss him, indeed, I made a mistake by not calling him to invite to the Unity Day this year. He was on my list and remained on it. It’s time to think about it.
I lost my 23 years old Nephew yesterday, my brother Shan’s son. He was just married and  his son turned one year a day before he passed away. The kid did not get to see the world. It must be very difficult for my brother to hold his dying son.¦

Maheen’s husbands Grand Mother  mother in law, (Maheen is wife Yasmee’ns daughter) passed away on Friday.

I think of this song frequently..

 kya janay kal koi saathi choot jai
Jeevan ki door, badi kamzor.

Mike Ghouse

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