A Jew calls for 850 Million Hindus to assert themselves

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am baffled by the audio tape link listed below. Normally, I ignore the
guys who thrive on pitiching one Indian against the other. However, 
since it came from an active Indian leader and has come many times in
the last few days in the email.  I decided to listen and did not hear
any facts to back up the rants of the speaker.

our history, there have been men who have made their good by keeping
other people in conflict. If you listen – he would want India to remain
in a non-stop civil war. The man has nothing to lose but gain.

right wing Hindus would love this kind of rhetoric, facts don’t matter
to the them, and the same goes with right wing Muslims who love
similar rhetoric, and Christians and Jews are no different either.  

we listen to this guy, the gullible among us would buy his hate pitch,
and instantly start hating fellow Indians, and for some, their blood
boils with a desire to kill every Muslim in India, particularly the
Indians living in the United States. Please remember the extremists are
no more than 1/10th of 1% of any group, be it Hindus or Muslims.

a scenario – where people would listen to this man, and go on a killing
spree, but how many can you kill? Then Muslims will kill Hindus… is
there an end to this Sunghursh (endless fight)? The Norway killer, the
Wisconsin Killer had something in common, they cited reading Pamela
Geller and Robert Spencer’s hateful pieces about Muslims. Pamela’s
inciting posters may have been the reason for the death of a Hindu man
in New York subway. I had warned about it on Fox News twice. As Indians we have a responsibility to nail every one who instigates disturbance and disturbs the peace.

you and I are willing to give up everything and go on the street with
swords– and ready to kill each other, then we are something. Otherwise
we are disgusting humans who want the ordinary Hindu cocks to fight with
the ordinary Muslim cocks to bleed themselves to death.
It is a game to some of us, other people’s lives don’t mean a thing to
us. But if this man expects you and me to fight, either he is delusional
or we are stupid.

All of us have worked hard against anti-Semitism, racism, anti-GLBT, Islamophobia, anti-immigrations, women’s rights, discrimination,  and we must continue to work hard against these individuals.
guy is a disgrace to Judaism, Israel and America. He is justifying in
his own sick mind what the Israeli settlers are doing to the
Palestinians; he thinks a majority should bulldoze the minorities.
Does’t this hypocrite expect the United States to treat him as an equal,
and yet he advocates otherwise, it is this kind of ugly men that
contribute to Antisemitism.  Are my fellow Indians dumb enough to
believe that they as a Minority in the United States should be treated
in the same fashion as they want the Muslim minority in India be

I appeal to the Jewish communities to denounce this man
and keep their records clear,  that they do not approve of this. Why
should  a Muslim man on the street not Hate Jews, if this Jew is
inciting Hindus to hate Muslims? The guy is not an idiot, he just does
not have morals or care for the future of Jews in the world, Mr. Madoff
is for himself. 

I am sure some of the right wing Hindus are
eager to write a big check to their savior, who laughs his ass off after
collecting the monies. I urge you to spend your money in building
relationships and causing lasting peace with your money, so all of us
can live in peace. Please don’t treat ordinary Hindus and Muslims as
cocks who can kill each other. Let us not be his pawns.

Indians we need to grow up, and not fall to those who want us to fight –
they succeeded in splitting our nation, and keep us busy hating each
other, they have done that in other parts of the world as well. Do we
want to be screwed more?

of the Indian Hindus, Muslims, Sikh, Christians, Jain, Buddhs or others
care less, but a few have made their business to spread hate. Don’t
brush this off, it is the build ups like these that explode into riots.

yourselves, what is your contribution towards making India, a better
India to live? A better India is not seeing luxury cars on the roads,
call centers or big homes, or industrial growth, a better India is where
no Indian is afraid of the others, and if we have bad guys, we need to
lock them up, with a clear understanding that their parents, siblings,
kids, spouse or religion or not responsible for his actions.

I urge you to read Hyderabad blasts to appear in Huffington post this week at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-ghouse

Ghouse is committed to building cohesive societies where all of us can
learn to live with each other without fear of the other.
Hindus  wake up and figght for your rights. This  is now or never.



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