3000 Muslims Pray at Capitol Hill

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3000 Muslims pray at Capitol Hill
The following note was posted at Washington PostAs a Muslim, I am pleased with the demonstration of Unity and solidarity with America; however, I found some of the comments to be gratuitous.

One of the Imams in the video wearing the Arab traditional dress invites people to prayers,( links in the article below) it was indeed beautiful, but when he suggests to “lay your idols down and come to pray” was offensive to those who worship the creator in the form of Icons, which he called Idols. The act of denigrating Idol worship reduces Islam to be a faith based on absence of Idols. He knows Islam’s existence is not dependent on vilifying other faiths and the call was un-neccessary, most likely the Imam did not realize that it was inflammatory to others who share the city, state, nation and the world with him.

Thank God, the majority of preachers respect and honor divinity of other faiths as they honor their own. A few, just a few preachers among Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and others simply have no regard, how the statements they make don’t create goodwill.

You find bigots in your faith as well, they are right there and you know them. The Christians standing and shouting ‘repent’ and asking people to convert to Christianity also cheapens the teachings of Jesus. Jesus would not have approved their act; you win people by showing your goodness, if they had served the Muslims with Halal refreshments, water and helping with parking, they would have earned the good will for future harvesting of the souls.

Religion is not about reciting Mantras and doing rituals, ultimately it is about becoming a good human being. When Jesus said follow me, Krishna says surrender to me, Allah says submit to my will, they are are asking one to be a good human being like the good God who loves and cares about every one of his creation.

Some of these unspiritual religious men are brainwashed with the idea of conversion. It is time we do our individual and group renaissance – and evaluate the value of conversion. Are we open to investigate if Jesus or Mohammad really wanted people to become Christians or Muslims politically numberwise or they wanted the world to be a better place with better humans. Which route is easire to achieve and sustainable with least conflcits?

We scream at the extremists that they cannot think, are we?

Mike Ghouse

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At Capitol, a Day of Muslim Prayer and Unity

3,000 Gather to Combat Fear and ‘Do the Work of Allah’ Amid Christian Protests
The following note was posted at Washington Post

3,000 Gather to Combat Fear and ‘Do the Work of Allah’ Amid Christian Protests

By Jacqueline L. Salmon
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, September 26, 2009


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