12 Apostles

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Friday, December 11, 2009
Melbourne, AustraliaTook the ocean drive tour – about 150 miles from the City

Today’s hightlight was walking in the rain forest near Melbourne, it was an incredible experience of the serenity, the melody of birds cooing and the tranquility of the place… it was indeed uplifiting, and the smell of the flowers, eucalyptus and the sounds of bristling leaves was very very invogarating. May be this how it would fell in the elusive Paradise.

Visited the 12 apostles – 12 upright 100′ diameter mud hills raising straight up from the ocean close to the cliff-lined shores.

Mailed post cards to Yasmeen, Jeff/Fern, Mina/Tim, Adil/Nosheen and Everett/Lilly from a town returning from the Rain Forest.

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