First, three most current ones;

Trump’s One Minute Message about Lewandowsky

Pluralism in Islam


Obama refuses to say “Islamic Terrorism” why?


Muslims Baptized | Dr.Mike Ghouse

Memorial Day
Dr. Mike Ghouse on the power of engagement with Fox News

Dr. Mike Ghouse – how should Muslims handle Quran Burning?

Radical Islam discussion – $5 Million Dollars to Dr. Mike Ghouse

Freedom of Speech, are Muslims stuck in Akhira – Dr. Mike Ghouse

Go get the radicals and not the Muslims – Dr. Mike Ghouse to Hannity

Dr. Mike Ghouse with Stuart Varney on Fox News about  Anti-ISIS demonstration

Bikini issue of Indonesian Muslims  – Dr. Mike Ghouse on O’Reilly factor with Greg Gutfield

Launch of American Muslim Institution – Dr. Mike Ghouse

 Are Americans a Part of the Story? – Dr. Mike Ghouse

 Dr. Mike Ghouse – Pluralism in Islam, a discussion

Dr. Mike Ghouse – War on Terror is a dumb idea

 Dr. Mike Ghouse about Quran Burning (in Urdu), how do we handle it?

 Dr. Mike Ghouse on the steps of Lincoln Memorial about  Anti-ISIS Rally

Dr. Mike Ghouse on Fox News about Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

 Dr. Mike Ghouse comments on the death of  Osama Bin Laden

 Dr. Mike Ghouse about Quran Conference with non-Muslim Clergy

 Dr. Mike Ghouse – Muslims are an integral part of America at  the  Annual Ahmadiyya Muslim Jalsa on July 4th

Dr. Mike Ghouse counters Quran Bashing

Dr. Mike Ghouse responds to Pastor Jeffress about Islam

Dr. Mike Ghouse engages with Quran Bashing Pastor at his Church

 Dr. Mike Ghouse fights out with Blood Libel and slams Pamela Geller

 Dr. Mike Ghouse on Turkish Television – Quran is about Humility and not arrogance

Dr. Mike Ghouse paying tribute to the Veterans on Memorial Day

Dr. Mike Ghouse’s dream come true to work with the Congress.
Congressman Beyer introduces Freedom of Religion Bill, and AMI
is listed as a Supporter of the bill, along with several non-profits.

What did i learn about Interfaith?

What is Pluralism?

What is Foundation for Pluralism?

Why did I move to Washington DC, Frank Islam Interviews


Abstract of Speeches


Interfaith Prayers at City of Carrollton


Three Major Annual Interfaith Events

Pluralism Greetings at Chicago Christian Meeting


Unity Day USA in 1 minute


Wisconsin Shooting at Sikh Gurdwara


Interfaith Solutions on Quran burning Event